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I'm Not Making Up My Anxiety Just Because I'm In College
"I'm scared that my anxiety will ruin my college experience"

I'm scared that my anxiety will ruin my college experience. Rarely do I want to leave my room and socialize.
I thought going to college far from home would force me to deal with my social anxiety but it's gotten so much worse instead. I haven't made any friends, rarely leave my room, & can barely function.
My anxiety gets so bad that I drink in the morning before going to college.
Anxiety ruined high school for me... Trying to overcome it before it ruins college too
As a child, I used to think that I was just a super shy kid. College happened and I realized I may actually have anxiety.
Social anxiety sucks when you're in college and live in a dorm.

I hate myself for being so scared of something that isn't even supposed to be scary..