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These Men Have No Shame About Marrying Their Trophy Wives
When it comes to being a trophy wife or marrying one, people are quick to judge and make assumptions. However, what is it like for men who knowingly chose their partner with the intention of them being a trophy wife? These guys open up about their unconventional marriages and the eyebrows they raise as a result. Read on to find out what they had to say about their relationships.

One is just not enough.

I'm attracted to other women even though I have a "trophy wife".

Onto the next.

I have a trophy wife. Now I need a trophy side chick!

Beauty is only skin deep.

I have a trophy wife who used to be the most popular girl in school but now she's just an insufferable person.

You do you.

My wife is a bimbo trophy wife that was known for sleeping around in the high school. I love it.

Looks aren't everything.

It’s taken me 6 years to realize I married for looks and not brains.  I miss the awesome feeling of connecting during a conversation.  💤

The bottom line.

My wife has a good career and makes her own money, but she is also a trophy wife 🤔