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Confession: Even Though I'm Overweight, I Don't Plan To Get Thin
It's no secret that society and the media puts extensive pressure on us to lose weight and have the 'perfect body.' It's no wonder that some people are on crazy diets and obsessed with the recent workout trends. It's truly rare to find someone who isn't on a mission to shed some pounds. These few people do exist and have plenty to say about why they aren't on the weight loss train.

This is fair.

I don't want to lose weight because I want my first boyfriend to like my personality, not my body....

Losing body fat means losing it everywhere.

I don't want to lose weight because it means my size 42G boobs will get smaller. I like the attention I get from them.

Not easy being a woman.

Maybe why I don't want to lose weight and be healthy is so I can prove that I didnt get where I am in my career by being 'the pretty, skinny one'

So heartbreaking.

I'm about 45lbs overweight. I don't want to lose weight. It's less painful to hide in the belief that I've never had a boyfriend because I'm physically ugly, rather then accept that I am unlovable.


I'm fat and I have PCOS. My secret: I don't want to lose weight because I consider the PCOS a natural birth control.

Self love is the best love.

I didn't start loving my body until I got to be 212 lbs. All throughout high school, I was anorexic and weighed between 130-150. Now I don't care to lose weight, but others keep nagging me to.