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"I regret divorcing my husband everyday. It's too late to turn back."
In the heat of the moment, divorce can seem like the only option. You've reached your breaking point and decided to go forward with divorce proceedings. It seems like the right thing to do. So you follow through and get the divorce papers you wanted. Why doesn't it feel as good as you thought it would?

Why would someone regret their divorce? These people share why.

I regret divorcing my husband ...there's always something to regret
Yes. I did in fact marry him. The only regret of my life was divorcing him.
I think I regret agreeing to a divorce

You made a mistake.

I made a life-altering mistake. I regret divorcing my ex-husband. Even though it's too late, I realize now I love him. I miss him everyday and know that what we had, I cannot have with any other man.
I regret divorcing my (ex) husband after 12 years of marriage.
I regret my divorce and wasn't the one who wanted it. 

I also regret having married in the first place.