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"I'm Psychic. People Accept It More If I Just Say I'm Crazy"
21 Eerie Confessions From Psychics

I'm a psychic.. I know how people feel by thinking about them.. 
I hate it.. nobody can lie to me.. i see through it. Every. Damn. Time.
You will be surprised how many people lie, and why..
I'm a Buddhist but I'm a psychic. 

I've met dead people. 
I already know what happens when you die.
Im a psychic medium and I despise the people out there who give us a bad name
Well, I'm a psychic. 

People accept it better if I just say I'm crazy, haha.
As a psychic medium, some of you really need to talk to God to hear any messages.
As a psychic, I really get a kick out of the super religious websites' views on possession. 
No, being homosexual and reading Harry Potter will not get you possessed. Haha.