This sticky situation just got messy.

I'm in a tricky situation: I've had a crush on this guy for like 9 months and he is now going out with my best friend. I don't wanna ruin their relationship but I think I love him.

What are friends for, really?

My best friend started going out with my crush even though she knew I liked him. Ugh, she doesn't even like him either.

This situation allows a person to be a little more dramatic.

Today, my best friend started dating the girl I like.

I'm currently googling how to mend a broken heart.

The nerve of some people.

My friend is such a terrible person. She's going out with my crush while talking to her ex at the same time. If she hurts him I swear I will never forgive her

This about sums it up.

My friend is going out with my crush of 3 years and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react. I'm mostly pissed off.


I think my heart just split in half knowing that the girl I like is now dating my best friend...