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18 Employees Reveal What It's Like Working At Sears
Working customer service jobs can really test your patience at times, but is a paycheck really worth all the trouble? While some would say yes, working a job you don't like can really take a toll on you mentally. These 18 Sears employees are in that situation and reveal the surprising reasons why they dislike their place of employment. Find out why it's so bad in these revealing confessions.

Keep things professional.

I'm a cashier.
I work at Sears.
Whenever people are rude to me I just tell them 3 things:
1. "Good afternoon"
2. "You total is __"
3. "Have a nice day"

No kidding.

When I'm working at Sears people still ask me of I work there even though I have a name tag. I'm like no I just wear my name tag for fun.

Can't believe that happened.

I work at Sears and found people having sex in the dressing room.


I work in a Sears warehouse. A sectional fell on my head so I can't lift or use my left side. My manager still makes me work and lift. She had to be forced to fill out incident report forms.


I work at Sears and I was alone in my department juggling a constant flow of returns and re-orders for three hours until a co-worker came in almost an hour late for her shift.

Nothing worse.

On my way to work at Sears,  I hate this job but I can't quit