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20 Brides-To-Be Share What It's Like Losing Weight Before Their Weddings
When a wedding is in the near future, many brides will do whatever it takes to shed a few pounds to fit into their dream wedding dress. While it may be common practice for many brides anticipating their big day, that doesn't mean that the task is an easy one. These 20 women open up about what they're going through while trying to lose weight before their wedding day. If you're trying to slim down before your wedding, these confessions will show that you're not alone.

The pressure is on...

My wedding is coming up and I have to lose weight to fit into my dress because the seamstress made it too small... This is so stressful.

Probably for the best.

My fiancé wants me to lose weight before the wedding so I'd look hot on our wedding day. I'm calling off the wedding.

Motivation can come from the strangest places.

My motivation to lose weight for my wedding came from the strangest place. I'm not usually obsessed with looks but I know I don't want to look like my cousin on her wedding day.

It's your special day.

I want to lose weight so I can feel beautiful on my wedding and look amazing in a bathing suit on my honeymoon.

Other people aren't always so supportive.

I feel like my fiancé doesn’t want me to lose weight. I don’t understand why he keeps trying to sabotage me. I want to look pretty for the wedding. Is that too much to ask?

There's nothing easy about it.

Wanting to lose weight for my wedding but it is hard for me to lose weight