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People Reveal The Crazy Things That Went Down When They Were Locked Out
One of the worst feelings ever is realizing that you have been locked out of your own home. Whether it's because it's your own fault, or your roommates, it's never an easy ordeal. These people explain what went down when they got locked out and what they did to pass the time.

Caught in the act.

I once played with my junk for an hour in my car since I was locked out of my house. I had to move my car somewhere else when my neighbor saw.

A rather industrious idea.

I once hooked up with a guy on Grindr because I was locked out of my house and needed somewhere to stay. No regrets!

Highs and lows.

My first time getting high I got locked out of my house with no pants, shoes, or bra on.

There's one way to get to know the neighbors better...

I once locked myself out of my apartment wearing nothing but a towel. Talk about embarrassing.

The WORST time to be outside your home.

I freaking locked myself out of my apartment during a thunderstorm. Worst day of my life.

Doesn't get much worse than that!

I have been sitting in my car in my drive way for 6 hours because I locked myself out of the house. My mother won’t answer her phone & I’ve had to pee for the past hour now. Talk about case of the mondays...