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I Work In The DEA. This Is What My Job Is Really Like:
With recent television series about the matter, you might think you know what it's like working in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). However, Hollywood sets don't always mimic real life. The DEA is in charge of cracking down drug trafficking and illegal drug use. Working in this field is not your normal 9-5. These confessions will reveal to you what it's really like to work in this sometimes dangerous field.

Proving them wrong.

My family always though I'd follow in my drug addict sister's footsteps.
Now I work in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)

When life comes full circle.

I lost my girlfriend to drugs. Now I am a DEA officer and now I got to arrest her selling drugs. It's been a weird day.

They best watch their backs.

I work for the DEA. Half of everyone I know deals drugs

We all can do as we please in our free time.

I work for the DEA. A lot of the time, when I'm not working, I run around my house naked and stoned.

We all have a past.

Im a DEA officer, but did cocaine with a lot of musicians in the 1980's.


Crazily enough, I know of people working with me in the DEA who get addicted to the drugs we confiscate.