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Nursing Students Confess What It's Really Like To Study In Their Field
If you've ever met anybody in nursing school, you are aware that this program is no walk in the park. Preparing to be in the medical field means lots of training and lots of schooling. This program is not for the faint, the lazy or the unmotivated. These students get deep into what nursing school life is really like. These confessions will make you appreciate nurses so much more.

Such an amazing story.

A few years ago I was an addict and homeless... It's hard to believe now in less than 3 months I graduate from nursing school...

Uh oh.

I'm in nursing school and I hate the sight of blood

It's hard to make time for it all.

I’m in nursing school. My boyfriend is super supportive and understanding, but I feel like our relationship is being put on hold. I hope he’s the one.

Not an easy program, to say the least.

I’m a future nurse.... if I survive nursing school.


I'm failing nursing school. I fear I'll be going back home with no degree and a heap of student loans

It's no cake walk.

Nursing school makes me want to hide under a rock and never come out. I’m tired of the stress and anxiety.