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The Real Reason Why These Kids Disowned Their Parents
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You're not alone there.

I'm in the I disowned my mom and dad cause they're abusive club.

Never better.

I disowned my parents a year ago today and my life has never been better.

Made things official.

I disowned my parents so that they'd have no grandparents' rights over my children. It was a long process, but it was done though the courts.

Don't mess with your siblings.

When my parents disowned my sister for being gay, I disowned them. Not putting up with that crap.

Things can improve.

I disowned my parents when I came out and they didn't accept me. Eventually we started talking again… after my mom took care of me after a major surgery, we're closer than ever.

A weight lifted off your shoulders.

I'm 26 and I've disowned my parents. It feels great.