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18 Embarrassing Stories About Getting Your Period At Work
Getting your period is bad enough, but getting it at work makes it that much worse. It can make for some embarrassing moments, especially when you're not prepared, as these stories show. 18 women are sharing their embarrassing stories about getting their periods at work. Read on for the relatable confessions.

Getting your period at work can create quite the predicament.

I got my period at work and I asked one of my employees if she could help me out....She went and told everyone that I had my period now I'm too embarrassed to go back to work tomorrow.

Good times.

Oh, fun! I'm at work, unprepared, and my period is about to start.

Period cramps can be too much.

When your period comes 15 days early and you almost fall out at work because of the unexpected pain


Stuck in the bathroom again at work with "period poops"
I'm dying. 😢

Other women understand.

I almost passed out at work when my period started. My boss (also female) caught me and was petting me on the floor

Leaking is a scary sensation.

Its my first day at work and I can feel my period leaking through my dress...I dont have a tampon and there is no  toilet paper in the ladies room😢😢😭😭