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20 Ways Students Are Actually Dealing With Midterms
We all battle with the tests, the projects, the presentations. Here's how students are really putting up with the pressure.

The story of midterms is a rather frightening tale...

Long ago, students and classes lived together in harmony. Then, the midterms attacked.

Procrastination runs rampant during these trifling times

Supposed to be studying for midterms.... Procrastinating so hard....

The definition of "productive" becomes largely skewed

I took the day off to study for midterms this week. The only productive thing i actually did was send a bag of gummy d*cks to my best friend anonymously.

Not even seniors can get away with putting off studying

Midterms came out this week, failing the classes that involve my major as a senior.

Some students have yet to even attend the class

Midterms are next week and I haven't met my actual teacher

Desperate times call for desperate measures

This guy let me cheat off of him for midterms so I made out with him once I got drunk.

Some even resort to the art of deception to lighten the load

I am about to email my professors a lie about why I can't take my midterms! I feel so bad!!

However, some people choose the light side of the force and spread positivity during this time

I've decided my way out of depression involves buying a high end Jedi robe and light saber to walk around campus during midterms and finals to cheer people up.

Some students just can't wait to turn up

Ready to party after all of these midterms

Turning up is kind of essential actually

Done with midterms.

You know what that means

Seriously though, the turn up is very real.

I told my mom I was studying for midterms tonight and couldn't get dinner with her. My secret? I went to a party and got completely trashed & didn't open my book once. I had a friend proofread this...

Dean and Sam Winchester provide ample distraction during midterms

I got two midterms to study for next week and I'm watching supernatural eating popcorn 😨

Unfortunately, crying doesn't get you the grade you want

Will my tears count as extra credit for the midterms

Self preparation is key in succeeding for some

Shaved, trimmed and cleaned up for tomorrow. 
I have 2 dates tomorrow called midterms.

Unfortunately, some get struck down fiercely and quickly in the midterms battle

Me vs. Midterms

Midterms won.

And some just flat out need a break.

Who wants to take a quick break from midterms and smoke a bowl?

Who knew that midterms could lead you to thinking about your future spouse? #truelove

The only thing midterms taught me was the importance of marrying rich.

After midterms are done, students take steps to decompress

I plan to spend all of tomorrow in my bed because I finished two midterms in 7 hours... No bra Thursday is what I will be calling it! 

Watch out for you friends during this time, they may lead you astray

I was breaking down about my midterms, then a friend holds my hand, looks deep into my eyes and in a very serious tone starts to quote life advice from every movie he knows I hate.

Just know that it will be over soon and everybody is rooting for you! You got this!

Hey everyone, midterms and finals are coming up fast, and I just wanted to remind everyone to take a step back and remember that you are awesome. 
Take it easy out there, fam.


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