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19 Kids Whose Parents Have No Idea They Are LGBTQ
Coming out is tough, especially when you feel your family wouldn't accept you when they find out about your sexual orientation. So what do you do? These individuals talk about the struggles of their parents not knowing they are LGBTQ. Read on for the surprising confessions.

So much for that gaydar.

My dad said last night, "gaydar is a real thing and I have it". For the record he doesn't agree with it in any way possible.
I wonder if he realizes his only daughter (me) is gay.

Ignorance is bliss.

My mom thinks that I am sad and lonely.
She doesn't know that I am living happily with my gay partner.
my family doesn't know I'm gay or that my roommate is my husband


My dad spat at a 
gay couple today. I slapped
 him and called 
him a fucking bastard
 and walked an hour to 
school. I'm Bi and 
he doesn't know it. 
And never will.
My dad doesn't know I'm gay. He introduced me to his girlfriend for the first time, and she's my boyfriend's mom. 

They're moving in.

I'm terrified.


My mom puts down gay people. She doesn't know I sneak around to kiss girls.
My mom's family still doesn't know I'm queer.

They regularly post pro-Trump articles on Facebook.
My aunt invited new to her birthday dinner. "Bring a cute date" she said. She doesn't know I'm gay. Or that I'm in a serious relationship. All of her family are homophobes . Fuck it ☺
My dad borrowed my laptop and I just remembered that I forgot to delete a gay porn video from the desktop

He doesn't know I'm gay 
My family just had a whole bi/gay bashing conversation, my brother and I sat awkwardly and nodded. We are both bisexual but our family doesn't know.


Moving in with my girlfriend of 3 1/2 yrs tomorrow... Dad still doesn't know I'm a lesbian
Im very confused as to how most of my family doesn't know I'm gay. It's quite funny, actually.
My mum gave me a big lecture on how I should treat women. 

She doesn't know I'm gay 😂
Turned fifteen yesterday... My mom gave me a box of condoms and said "please don't get anyone pregnant." She doesn't know I'm gay...

The struggle.

My mom knows I'm sad about something but I can't tell her that I just broke up with my girlfriend. She doesn't know I'm lesbian.
I wear baggy shirts and hardly ever wear any makeup. My mom always says stuff like "Are you a lesbian or something?" What she doesn't know is that I actually am.
I just introduced my girlfriend to my mother but had to pretend she was my best friend. My mother doesn't know that we are in a lesbian relationship

Do you tell them?

My family is so anti-LGBT that my mom randomly pulled out a Christian magazine and made me read an article out loud about homosexuals and how they shouldn't serve in the church.....She doesn't know I'm a lesbian.
It nearly killed me
I told my mom about the Orlando tragedy today. She said "they deserved it". But she doesn't know that I'm queer...and I hate that sentence. I hate the man who killed so many innocent people.
My dad thinks I'm like a total player, and that I get all the girls. He doesn't know that I'm more queer than a football bat


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