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Girls Confess: I Think My Boyfriend Is Bicurious.
Have you ever suspected your boyfriend might have… certain fancies for other gentlemen? Perhaps he’s made one too many jokes about the two of you hooking up with his best friend, or maybe you’ve caught him drunkenly canoodling with another guy at a party where you both had far too many drinks? The following Whispers are from girls who have experienced these situations, and they now suspect their boyfriends might be bicurious. Read on for the juicy details.

This might be hard to explain...

My gay friend showed me my boyfriend's profile on his Grindr app WTF >.<

This is like an episode of Degrassi!

I saw my boyfriend one time come out of the bathroom with another guy behind him zipping up his pants. I'm pretty sure he's gay or bi but I'm in denial so I won't ask
I was at a party and saw my boyfriend making out with another guy. He said it was just drunk fun and didn't mean anything but idk what to think

Nobody likes confrontation, but sometimes it's necessary.

I just saw my boyfriend in gay porn. I don't know if I feel good about others looking at his body like I do, especially guys. I'm afraid to confront him about it
So my bf has bicuriosities, I've never really caught him checking a guy out until yesterday he was very clearly giddy and flirty with a guy who was clearly gay. We laughed about it.
Recently I just found out my boyfriend is secretly bicurious... he doesn't know I know. He has secretly been hitting on my best friend who is a gay male my friend disregards him tho.