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19 Traumatized People Who Received Nudes On Accident
Technology can sure be a gift and a curse. It connects us and unites us, but sometimes it connects us a little too much. With the wrong click you can be sending your naked photos to the wrong recipient. These unfortunate people were on the receiving end of unwanted naked pictures. If you think this is bad, wait until you see who sent the pictures. These confessions will shock you and scared you from taking naked pictures again.


My dad accidentally sent me a d**k pic the other day...We still haven't talked about it.

I'm so grossed out knowing that people his age do this.

Brotherly love.

My gay brother sent me a d**k pic by mistake.
I sent him one back! GOTCHA!

A Christmas that will go down in history.

My cousin thought she was showing us a video of her winning an award at work. Old school VHS in a VCR @ Christmas. It was her sex tape, shown to my entire family. Grandparents & all!

That's a strange looking puppy...

I was looking at pictures of my friends puppy on her boyfriends phone. Then a picture of him naked popped up! AHHHH!


My grandma accidentally sent me nudes. Life ruined.

Upgrade gone TMI.

I work in IT.
I accidentally saw the d**k pics of a woman’s bf when upgrading her phone.