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The Weirdest Things Little Kids Were Caught Doing
Children have quite the imagination, which can lead to them doing a lot of unusual things. But at the end of the day, kids will be kids! These confessions are about the weirdest things people have walked in on their children doing. Get ready to laugh, because there are some ridiculous things going on in these households.

They start young sometimes!

Just walked in my room to find my son on my computer watching makeup tutorials.
He is 4.
I walked in on my daughter, naked, covered in leave in hair conditioner, pressing herself against the glass to try to make a "copy" of herself on the screen door.
Today i walked in on my son praying. I heard him say
"God is Harambe ok?"
Proudest moment of my life


I once overheard my little brother murmur "I killed Mufasa", while facing the wall...

Sounds like a young doctor.

My mom walked in on me putting duct tape all over my sister when I was little. She got in a car crash and I was "fixing her".

Cheerios? What!?

Apparently when I was four and my sister was two, our mom walked into the kitchen to find us pouring sugar on each other. We said we wanted to be Cheerios. WTF?