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19 LGBTQ Individuals Remember Their First Gay Pride Experiences
Pride parades are events that celebrate the gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgender and intersex culture. These events are typically a happy and safe event for people to express their sexuality and support one another. It can also be the avenue to preach political agendas involving the community itself. For many people in the community, they recall the first time they attended a pride parade. Read on to see how they really feel about their initial impressions of the annual event.

What a day!

Went to gay pride this year for the first time. I woke up in a tent on the beach with 12 people and covered in bbq sauce and tequila.

How beautiful.

Went to my first gay pride today. I never felt so free

Supportive parents are a gift.

My mom took me to my first gay pride parade. Looking back, it was such a sweet gesture. I love my mom.

Probably wasn't the craziest thing you saw that day either!

My first gay pride parade was also my first time seeing penis in person. I'm a lesbian.

Spread love, not hate.

Went to my first gay pride parade and there was so much love there. I never wanted to leave. I wish love for my community was celebrated like that all the time!!

Love trumps hate.

I proudly marched for the first time holding the flag in my first gay pride parade today. My family still doesn't accept me. Not sure if they ever will.