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True Life: I Still Have Sex With My Ex-Spouse
For some couples, a divorce doesn't always mean the end. Some people stay in touch for their kids, their friendship or for this case: sex. Yes, some couples keep doing the dirty after the paperwork has been filed. You may be wondering, why go back to someone you left? These confessions will reveal why.

So messed up.

My ex husband uses visits with our daughter to have sex with me and try to get back together. When we do he cheats on me and leaves each time. Then ignores our daughter 4 the duration

Hot damn!

I just had a threesome with my ex-wife and her coworker that is half my age.

Wow. Just wow.

Oh no!

I had the most mind blowing sex with my ex husband.

Unfortunately, my daughter walked in and is very confused now. She keeps asking if we are back together.

Some people want was isn't theirs.

Been meeting up with my ex wife recently for no strings sex.
Sex is so much better with her than with my current wife

Two birds and one stone.

My ex husband and I still do family vacations all the time for the sake of our kids.

....And so we can continue to have great sex regularly.

Funny how life works.

After our divorce, me and my ex-wife have the most kinkiest sex. If it was this good two years ago, I would have never left.