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Couples Get Real: This Is What I Would Change About My Relationship
Being in a relationship is a lot of hard work. The union of two individuals can be quite challenging, especially with all the other factors involved. They say, "love isn't always enough," because a relationship truly needs more than love to stay afloat. These couples get real about the one thing they wish they could change in their relationships. These confessions will remind you that nobody is perfect and maybe reveal that your own problems aren't so unique.

Not ideal.

I wish my boyfriend was more attentive and understanding. I feel like he's judgmental of my insecurities


I appreciate that he's driven, but I wish my boyfriend would think less about making money and more about wanting to help me raise our boys. We ned him around.

So close to having your needs met.

I wish my bf  would be more romantic and less selfish. Everything else is fine besides that.

Distance is hard.

I wish my husband was home more. He travels for work, so it's just me and my son most of the time.

Not cute.

My boyfriend goes straight to anger when I try to discuss a problem or something that bothers me. This needs to stop ASAP.

The struggle.

I wish my husband was kinkier and had a higher sex drive. We're a great match, but I've had better partners sexually.