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19 All-Too-Relatable Insecurities People Have On Dates
You're on a date that you've been looking forward to for a while, and now it's finally here. You're sitting across from him full of butterflies and a feeling of insecurity overwhelms you. What are the insecurities that people have while on a date? Read on for the all-too-relatable confessions.

What makes people feel insecure on a date? These 19 people tell all.

Took a girl on a date and it was so great. Turns out she's 19 and I'm 27. It's not my fault I had to start college late 😞. I feel so insecure around girls because I feel they think I'm some old creep
I am insecure about money, like I will not take a girl on a date without it. Makes my man pride go from 100-0 real quick
Last week I went on a date with an older guy. I liked him but I felt so insecure about being younger than him for some reason


Long time ago, I went on a date with a guy shorter than me. I texted him beforehand asking if he minded me wearing heels. (They made me 6'6.) He said heels are sexy. Then refused to stand near me...
I got ghosted by a guy I was supposed to go on a date with today...
It makes me feel insecure like I wasn't good enough

He said WHAT?

I don't understand guys. On a date today, the guy looks at me and says "you have big pores" 
Thanks for pointing out something I'm insecure about...