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Female Firefighters Share How They Really Feel About The Sexism They Face At Work
Firefighters are some of the bravest people in the world. Anyone willing to run into a burning building in hopes to save a stranger deserves an endless amount of respect. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes women in the field aren't treated equally. The firefighting field is predominantly male, but plenty of women are changing that slowly. These confessions are from women who are pursuing their dreams as firefighters and taking crap for it along the way. These confessions will open your eyes to the sexism they face on a daily basis. Just remember, being a hero is for any gender.


Person meeting me and hubby for first time: "oh so what do y'all do?"
Me: "firefighter and teacher."
Them: "oh wow your husband is so brave!"
Me: "yeah I know, 5th graders are scary."

So unfortunate.

Everyone acts like sexism doesn't exist anymore. I'm a female firefighter and yes it does. It goes BOTH ways actually.

Better safe than sorry.

My boyfriend has fire hazards all over his house and gets annoyed when I tell him about them and fix them. I'm a firefighter and female.

Oh HELL no.

I absolutely hate it when fellow firefighters & even just friends say I can't be & shouldn't be a female firefighter! I get it from other departments and male friends, but even from girl friends too.


We firefighters fear for our lives and others, but we would rather save people then back down. I'm even a female firefighter and I don't back down from fires.

You got this, girl.

I get hardly any respect as I'm a female firefighter.
I can keep up with the men I work with and make it a point to prove them wrong.