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18 Real Fears Caused By Depression And Anxiety
Just because someone is hurt, doesn't mean you can always see it. Depression and anxiety cause people to suffer silently at times. It can make your mind trick you into thinking some awfully negative things that aren't true. These folks have been suffering with mental illness and know that to be true all too well. Read along to see how some people really fell on the inside whilst dealing with depression and anxiety.

The struggle is real.

I tend to come off as rude to strangers sometimes, but that is thanks to my anxiety and fear of interacting with people I don't know.

It amplifies it.

I feel socially awkward because of my anxiety. I'm afraid of being judged or embarrassed. But my anxiety causes me to feel more judged and embarrassed than ever because I'm being socially awkward.


My anxiety is so pronounced I can't read or watch scary things. Or violent things. I get scared more easily than normal people and my fear lasts much much longer.

Our mind can be our own worse enemy sometimes.

My depression makes me feel like I am incapable to love another human properly.

Not true.

I wish I could fall in love
but my depression makes me think I don't deserve it

It's easy to get caught up.

I feel like my depression makes me over think everything in my relationship and I'm scared my boyfriend will leave me because of it.