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23 Honest Confessions About Growing Up With A Sibling Who Has A Disability
Sibling relationships can be complicated. Sometimes there is some competition; who is the good kid? Who is mom's favorite? But what if your sibling has a disability? Does this change the family dynamic? What about the sibling relationship? Read on for 23 real life confessions about growing up with a sibling who has a disability.

Growing up with a sibling with disabilities isn't always easy.

My younger siblings had learning disabilities as I had to grow up fast to help look after them. I never shared any of my problems because I didn't want to add to my parents' worries.

People often make sacrifices for the sake of their sibling.

My older sister has a mental disability and growing up she needed a lot more attention from our mom. I'll never have our mom's attention like she did.

This can put a strain on their relationship with their parents.

Growing up all my mom did was praise and cater to my disabled sister's every need. I'm 24 now and she's always crying that we don't have a relationship. 
What did she think would happen?!
My brother and mother are disabled. I feel terrible, but sometimes I wish I had a normal family so I could live my own life.

Or their personal relationships.

I feel like growing up with a sibling who has a physical disability messed me up in the head. I didn't get the attention I needed and now I'm clingy in all my relationships.

Or even the relationship with their sibling.

My sister has a permanent disabling mental illness. I didn't like her before she got sick. Now what am I supposed to do?