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"I Inherited 10 Million Dollars. None Of My Friends Know."
Bragging about wealth isn't always a great idea. You get treated differently when you're rich. Especially if you weren't rich, and now suddenly you are. Will the people in your life care if you now have money, and they still don't? Probably. As much as money helps, it also divides. Sometimes it's best to keep your personal finances private.

Revenge is sweet.

My husband "accidentally " cheated on me then filed for divorce. So I "accidentally" didn't tell him my inheritance was  $2.3 million.

With or without wealth, staying humble is important.

Just found out that I inherited all of my uncles estate. 

$457 million dollars. I'll never have to work again, but I will because money doesn't make me better than anyone else.
I secretly hit the lottery and none of my family or friends know about it

This is all too common.

I won the lottery but can't tell my family because they only talk to me when asking for money
My girlfriend left me. The next day, a lawyer called to tell me I inherited a $450,000 estate from a distant relative. Thank you God.... For the freedom... Here's to a new life

Investing would be a good idea.

None of my friends, coworkers, or ex-gf know I inherited over $9m last year. I still work and live modestly