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Interfaith Couples Reveal What Their Relationships Are Really Like
When you're in a relationship, it's normal to have differences from your partner. When it comes to different religions, is that too big of a difference? These couples are of different religions and still making their romance work. These confessions show how these couples keep the peace while having different beliefs.


I'm in an an interracial and interfaith relationship. Sometimes I fear I'll have to choose between love for him and love for 'Him'.

An open minded union.

My husband is very religious and I am not. 
To be honest, I love that we have different beliefs. It makes for more eye opening conversations.

So upsetting.

Getting married in two months and my in-laws aren't showing up. They don't approve of our interfaith marriage. It's depressing.

Cross that bridge when it comes.

My man is a Christian and I'm agnostic. It's only ever caused minor issues for us, but I'm worried that will increase while raising children.

Sometimes you just want to put it off.

My boyfriend is very religious and I’m very much not. It hasn’t been an issue in our relationship. The biggest hurdle has been hiding it from my boyfriend's family. I’m not ready for that yet!

As long as you have faith in the relationship.

I’m Christian, and my boyfriend is Jewish. We definitely have different beliefs, but I love him for who he is and vise versa.