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The Life Lessons From Toy Story Still Apply To Us As Adults
You've got a friend in me

Thanks to Toy Story and The Brave Little Toaster I feel bad when I have to get rid of some of my things. I feel sorry for them.
Because my nana still insists on calling my fiancé my "friend" our wedding song is gonna be the toy story theme tune #lovewins
Dating is like Toy Story.

You consistently fear you will be replaced by the new toy.
I really believe that you should treat even inanimate objects well, when I was little I was always very nice to my toys and stuffed animals, I blame toy story
Sometimes when I do weird things I imagine Buzz from Toy Story squinting he's eyes saying you are a strange  strange little man 😂😂😂
This Christmas, I am introducing my four year old niece to Toy Story. I'm going to buy all the characters and stage them in the living room. To make it look like the gang saved Christmas.