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18 People Who Have Ironic Names
Having a unique name is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because it reflects your individuality and makes you stand out. However, it's also a curse because of people's comments about your name. Here's how 18 people deal with the struggles of having a name that is both unique and ironic.

It's tough having names like these.

Everyone says 'Corey in The House' or 'Cory Matthews'. Fun Fact tho, I was named after Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World.
My name is actually Isis. 
People hate me because they think I'm a terriost.
It sucks.
My cousin was named Innocence. 

Ironically she got pregnant at 16
 I was chatting With someone on here. She asked my name. I said "Jesus I'm 22 how old are you?"
well my name really is JESUS I'm hispanic
I wasn't being an asshole  or anything

It makes social media confusing.

My name is actually Emma Watson and I just got a message from Facebook that I need to change my name or verify it. Sorry, I didn't know celebs OWNED their name? Wtf?

Or too easy to find.

My last name is so unusual if I were to tell you and you were to google it you would find every one of my accounts in a heartbeat