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18 People Who Have Ironic Names
Having a unique name is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because it reflects your individuality and makes you stand out. However, it's also a curse because of people's comments about your name. Here's how 18 people deal with the struggles of having a name that is both unique and ironic.

It's tough having names like these.

Everyone says 'Corey in The House' or 'Cory Matthews'. Fun Fact tho, I was named after Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World.
My name is actually Isis. 
People hate me because they think I'm a terriost.
It sucks.
My cousin was named Innocence. 

Ironically she got pregnant at 16
 I was chatting With someone on here. She asked my name. I said "Jesus I'm 22 how old are you?"
well my name really is JESUS I'm hispanic
I wasn't being an asshole  or anything

It makes social media confusing.

My name is actually Emma Watson and I just got a message from Facebook that I need to change my name or verify it. Sorry, I didn't know celebs OWNED their name? Wtf?

Or too easy to find.

My last name is so unusual if I were to tell you and you were to google it you would find every one of my accounts in a heartbeat
I was named after a Star Trek character that made one appearance in one episode. Google me and only her and I come up.

Jokes that get old.

My name is Jake. I work at State Farm. I'm tired with all these bullshit jokes.

Is that a nickname?

No one ever takes me seriously about my name. Like what's your real name, is that just your nickname, or what's on your birth certificate? No my name really is Bluu Sky and it took me years to love 💙

Planning for future kids.

My last name is Dylan and I want a son that I would name Robert so that he could be Bob Dylan.

Bye Felicia.

At this point I just feel sorry for girls that's name really is Felicia....so dumb.

Viral sensations are a headache.

Said Daaamn Daniel to a stranger and turns out his name really is Daniel lol.. The poor dude got paranoid 😂

Make it work, work, work...

my name actually is Rhianna, no joke 😂😂

Just need a Jane Doe.

My name is John Smith. (very unique)

It's not cute.

My name really is Johnny. I got called Johnny Bravo by half of my teachers in elementary school. They were trying to be cute, but it pissed me off

People don't believe you.

Ever since game of thrones became popular, new people I meet don't believe that my last name actually is Stark

Or they don't forget you.

Having an unusual name is a blessing and a curse. Once you convince people you're not lying about it, they never forget you.

It's just plain weird.

Hearing people talk about the MacKenzie clan in Outlander is weird because my last name actually is MacKenzie.

And awkward.

I'm fat, my name is Amy, and Pitch Perfect was a little awkward to watch with my friends.

Becky with the good hair.

My name actually is Becky. 
I have "good hair."

2016 is the worst year ever 😂


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