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"I waited until my wedding night to lose my virginity. It wasn't worth it."
21 People Who Regret Waiting Until Marriage

I regret waiting until marriage to have sex. My husband and I are so different.
I sometimes regret waiting until marriage to have sex. I definitely feel like I missed out...
I regret waiting till marriage to have sex. I feel like I missed out on so many experiences.
His penis was so small! I thought movies and porn made up how big penises are bc his was so little. Nope, he was just tiny. Did nothing for me at all!
Of my friends who waited all have been cheated on by their bored husbands and one found out he had crippling ED he hid from her and has only had sex 3xs in a year. I'm glad as heck I didn't wait
My coworkers wife waited until marriage. They just had their one year anniversary and he's cheated on her already. She knows and now she thinks it's her fault.