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The Strangest Things Couples Do For Each Other
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Crisis averted.

I forgot I had a tampon in one night when we had sex so the tampon got stuck deep and I couldn’t reach it so he got down there and pulled out my bloody tampon.

It really is, isn't it?

I pluck the random hairs & zits out of my husband's shoulders & back all the time. It's just so fascinating.

Those pesky pores.

I have a weirdly large pore on my back and my husband will clear it out lol


My boyfriend removed toilet paper that was stuck to my bootyhole. That took our relationship to a weird level.

Love at first pluck.

I legit knew I loved my bf when he plucked an ingrown hair from my stomach

So fresh and so clean.

After sex my ex and I would always shower together. There was a day where we washed each other down there and it was kinda great