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21 Surprising Secrets From Sporting Goods Employees
Working customer service jobs can really test your patience at times, but is a paycheck really worth all the trouble? Every job has its ups and downs and sometimes money is money. These 18 sporting goods employees reveal their surprising on-the-job secrets. From gun sales to general frustrations, find out what it's really like in these honest confessions.

There's a quota.

I work at Dicks. I wish people knew that cashiers get in trouble if they don't have 75% of customers use their Score Card.


I work at a sporting goods store selling guns. Every time a shooting happens sales go up

It has its perks.

Working at a sporting goods store is amazing because of all of the hot guys I work with and who shop here

While everyone else is sad, you're celebrating.

I work at a sports store that is going out of business and when customers say 'how sad' I wish I could tell them how relieved I am that I'm getting the hell out of retail!

It's out of your hands.

I work in a sporting goods department, and you'd be surprised how many people get pissy that you can't return ammo. It's the law.

You have to have fun with it.

Working at Dick's has opened a whole new realm of dirty puns for me and I have no shame.