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25 Of The Craziest Party Hook Ups
It's amazing they remembered what happened in the morning.

 I once made out with an older boy. Drunk at a party. At 14. He didn't remember any of it. I remembered it all. 

He's my fiancé now.
im a black guy, i made out with a white chick at a party lastnight and her piles of makeup came off on my face lol it look like i was doing coke lol...embarrassing
One time I hooked up with this random guy on the back porch at a party. Later, I found out the whole party was watching us out the window
I'm a closet bisexual, but at a party I made out with a female friend in front of the two guys we were hooking up with 2min earlier. I'm embarrassed of being embarrassed but I wasn't ready for this. Stupid drunk me.
I made out with my coworker in the trunk of a car on the way home from my boss' birthday party. Oh yeah, he's 30... I'm 18.
I had sex for the first time under a stage at my grandmother's 80th birthday party. 

I missed out on the cake though.