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Confessions From Students Who Completely Support Hazing
Hazing is common practice in fraternities and sororities throughout the United States during the pledging process at the beginning of the school year. Nowadays--with headlines in the news about abusive practices and even deaths--hazing is seen as controversial and it is even prohibited on some campuses. However, despite the negative perception, there are still students who firmly believe that hazing should be a part of the initiation process. Find out why as they share their honest opinions.

When it comes to Greek life, hazing is not new.

I dislike the bad rep fraternities get. I pledged. I was HAZED- not beaten, forced to drink alcohol, or forced to have sex with anything. We were taught to be gentlemen and promote brotherhood.


When I was hazed, I was forced to eat only fruit and water. I was never beat or anything. That's why I never reported it. It was all in good fun.

You grow from it.

I was hazed to the point of tears for 3 months and I don't regret it for a second. 
It has taught me so much about myself and my sisters. 
I absolutely adore everyone in my sorority.

Nothing but lighthearted fun.

My sorority's"hazing" was fun goofy stuff like getting at least 50 hugs in a day and taking selfies in class. Not the crazy stuff you hear about in the news.

Getting through it is a great feeling.

I was hazed when initiated into my family in my sorority and I'm supposed to keep it a secret but I'm proud as hell to tell people!  :)


In my fraternity, the only bros I bond with are the ones that either hazed me, got hazed with me, or that get hazed by me.