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17 Bisexual Guys Share Their Thoughts & Feelings
Studies have shown that approximately half of bisexual men have not come out to anybody in their lives, whether it be work, family, friends, or even current partners. The male bisexual community has a lot to say about the inner struggle of feeling caught in a proverbial "middle ground". The following bisexual guys poured themselves out in 18 confessions that will open your eyes as to what this group largely feels.

I am afraid to come out as a bisexual man because my brother is gay and I feel it would crush my parents to have two "gay" sons.
I'm a bisexual guy. I wish I could tell people without changing the way I'm 
looked at. I'm the same person.. why do we have
 to be confined to labels?
I'm a bisexual guy and I'm shy as hell. I don't know how to go after guys or girls.
I'm a bisexual guy who's married. I'll never get to experiment with a guy now.
I'm a bisexual guy and I'm only out to a few people, but my family is homophobic and I feel like my friends that don't know, wouldn't accept me if they did
As a bisexual man recently opening up from gay to bi, 
I find I'm even more of a recluse. Now I'm being judged by both sides >.<