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16 Gay Men Who Proudly Defy Stereotypes
"I hate when people expect me to be super feminine because I'm gay"

I hate stereotypes. I'm 6'3, I play football, most of my friends are guys, and I'm gay. And no I don't want to hookup with all of them all the time. Whenever someone finds out, they tell me I'm not gay.
Not all gay people are super fabulous with a good sense of style. I'm gay and I dress terribly but I don't mind it much. I feel like I'm held to a higher standard because of this stereotype but I just don't meet it.
I'm a gay police officer. I don't do anything sexy like use handcuffs in the bedroom, nor have I ever seduced a straight man. My job is really normal and I like it that way.
I'm gay but I like to be in the woods, hike mountains, and smoke a lot of pot. Stereotypes are stupid!
I'm gay but I have no female friends. Not because I haven't tried, I just don't have a lot in common with the ones I've met. So much for stereotypes...
I'm gay but I'm nowhere near the polished and clean stereotype. I eat too much, don't work out enough, and should probably vacuum my house way more than I do.