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22 Times People Had To Ditch A Terrible Roommate
Sometimes you just can't take it anymore.

Kicked out my roommate just now. Don't feel bad, doesn't pay in full or on time, then wants to act like he's king #later
all of my cash has been disappearing lately. suspicious of my roommate, i pretended to be sleeping. she came in and I heard her moving. the next day I was $60 short. guess who's getting kicked out.
My Roommate moved out while I was at work 2 days before rent was due. 
She was the only one on the new lease. 
Guess who owes the apartment $2000 and is scheduled for court but doesn't know 😂
Kicking out our roommate who does nothing but eat all of the food and makes messes....feel a lil bad but I am not babysitting a 23yr old man 21/f
My roommate is kicking me out because I asked her not to let her lame BF live with us here rent free. 
I'm keeping the cat.
im 95% set on kicking my roommate out. i have paid all the bills for the last 3 months after he told me he would find a job. now his 17 year old fling is living here. we are 23 and its time he grew up
I moved out of my apartment and back home. My roommate thinks it's because I want to spend more time with my family, when it was really because I can't stand her bitch attitude anymore.
Roommate was a bitch. 
I moved out.
She asked how she's paying her rent.
Honey, that's not my problem anymore.
Maybe treat someone like they're worth your time and they won't leave you next time.
After an old roommate hid meat in my room to rot and stole a bunch of my stuff, I put Nair in her shampoo the day I moved out. No regrets, it turned out great.
Once had a feud with a roommate. I moved out early, but before I left, I scrubbed her straightener with the toilet brush.
My roommate use to take my sloppy seconds and invited different guys over every other week. I moved out 5 months before the lease expired and we're no longer friends. She's a whore.
My ex-roommate was a single mother. She was a bad mom, and likely bipolar. I felt bad for her kid!

She hasn't spoken to me since January when I moved out after finding a condom in my shower... last straw!!
I kicked my roommate out yesterday because I found out she was abusing my dog when I wasn't home.
Couple months ago my roommate accused me of stealing $600 worth of bud from her. I kicked her out for spreading the lie everywhere. 

Now I have no friends.
I kicked my roommate out for being rude to my family. He still says he wasn't. How is completely ignoring someone's in the room, not being rude?
I told my roommate that I was moving out to try to salvage our friendship, but I really did it because she's a narcissist and I finally realized that I was being abused.
my roommate left & her cousin came over we were having sex &she came early  & caught us ... I thought she would be upset but she started masturbating in front of us.  I'm moving out.
My roommate/"landlord" who relies on me for rent has become even more of unbearable drunk and treating me like garbage. 
I'm moving out today and not telling him. I don't have a contract.
I'm moving out soon and I'm not telling my roommate. She's just gonna find out after Christmas break. 😂 That's what happens when you treat someone like shit.
so after catching my roommate and sister having sex he tells me that she is moving in. omg.. I guess I'm moving out. 😭😭😪😪


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