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19 Terrible Secret Santa Gifts People Received
What makes a terrible Secret Santa present? Secret Santa gifts are meant to be a fun way to participate in the Christmas spirit as a group without having to buy everyone their own gift. But sometimes this tradition can be very disappointing, as these 19 people realized when they opened their underwhelming gifts. If you have a Secret Santa, be sure not to make the same mistakes as these people.

Friends are supposed to know you best.

My group of friends did secret Santa once. I got my best friend & she got me. I got her an expensive gift... & she got me a flippin dog treat. 
A. Dog. Treat.  
I never told her I hated it

At least get the real thing.

I once received shower gel in the shape of a wine bottle for a secret santa.

Yup it really is as stupid as it sounds and yup I did try and drink it.


Got a Secret Santa from a work colleague today. It consisted of used candles. I felt like bursting into tears for feeling so rejected. 

Worst present EVER

At least put some thought into it.

My friend once got a roll of toilet paper from her secret santa

Way to show appreciation.

I had to do secret Santa once and the guy was like "no I don't want this, take it back." Never again.


We did a secret Santa at work this girl seriously got me anti aging creams and used foundation. 
I'm 22...