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20 Hair Dye Horror Stories
Ever dyed your hair and it just went so, so wrong? You're not the only one. From crazy color bleeding to having hair literally fall out of their head, these people experienced the worst. Their poor locks!

When hair dye attacks your body

I washed my purple hair and it dyed my body purple
I did the same thing but my hair was blue. 
I got to be part smurf for a while.
I washed my hair after I got it dyed and my god it looked like I murdered a bunch of grapes
Try it with red dye...
I scared the daylight out of my family when I came out looking like I murdered someone

This is why you should get a professional

My friend is over at my house getting her hair dyed by me and I have to say.......
I did an awful job lmfao.
I once tried to dye my hair blonde with a box dye. It was orange for a week then I decide I didn't care if it all fell out n dyed it back to brown.