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'Beards' Get Real About Faking A Relationship For Their Gay Friend
"Beard" is a term used to describe someone who is faking a relationship with you to protect you from your homosexual identity. Sometimes this is a setup arrangement while other times people are blindsided by their partners true identity. These are confessions from people who have been beards and how they really feel about playing the part.

Two times a charm.

Two of my exes turned out to be gay... while I was dating them. I’ve been a beard twice in my life.

Uh oh.

I'm starting to think I'm my husband's beard. He never wants sex and I'm seeing some traits come to light.

Double the love.

I "dated" my friend in high school so he could actually spend more couples time with my brother (BOTH our families are homophobic)


I faked an engagement with my friend until he was ready to come out to his family. They have no idea he is gay.

The struggle is real for everyone.

My best friend is gay but won't admit it (Christian family) and keeps awkwardly faking that he likes me. I want to smack him out of the closet but I also want him to come out on his own terms. I'm his beard in a way.


I was my friend's beard. Apparently her parents knew the entire time! Now we can go back to acting like just friends around them lol.