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21 Lovers Who Found 'The One' On The First Date
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Straight and to the point.

I knew he was the one when we were on our first date and another guy I was seeing texted me. My date replied for me saying "She isn't into you. Move along. She is with a real man who plans on making her his wife. Bye."

Greeley, Colorado, US

Clumsy can be cute.

I knew he was the one when I met him on the first date and he said he hit a pole on the way to pick me up and now we have to duct tape his taillight back on.

Los Angeles, California, US

Respecting boundaries is important.

I knew my boyfriend was the one because he didn't kiss me on the first date

Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Everything about the first date sealed the deal.

There wasn’t one moment for me, it was several moments. I knew on our first date she was the one for me.

Sandy, Utah, US

It just feels so right.

I promised myself I wouldn't introduce anyone to my family unless it's serious, from our first date I knew instantly she's the one and it hasn't even been a month yet

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Food equals love.

My first date with my wife, went out for Italian. She cleaned her plate and I knew she was the one. Every other girl I ever dated never ate anything.

United States Air Force Academy, Colorado, US