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17 Employees Pull Back The Curtain On The Fashion Industry
For some, working in the fashion industry would be a dream come true. The clothes, the glamour and the models sound like heaven for someone who's fashion forward. Is it really as fun as it looks behind the scenes though? These people who actually work in the industry get real about what the business is really like. Read these confessions to see if it's really haute or really not.

Not holding back one bit.

I think fashion week is overhyped, most haute couture is garbage bs, and runway models are underfed, overpaid glorified clothes hangers.

I work in the fashion industry.

Free the pit!

I felt pressured into shaving my underarms after nearly 4 months of doing without because I work in the fashion industry. I kind of miss it.


I work for a successful company in the fashion industry, and yes it's exactly like The Devil Wears Prada.

Get it, girl!

I'm a plus size woman working in the fashion industry, and it seems like my coworkers are constantly surprised when I show up looking fly as hell. What, should I just give up and wear sweats because I'm a size 20, not a size 2?

Don't let anything or anyone hold you back.

 As a fat, ugly black girl working in the fashion industry I've had my fair share of rejection. However, I now have celebrity clients and a manager. With hard work and determination I can achieve anything.


From working in fashion, I learned that people who say they eat whatever they want without gaining weight are big time liars.