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19 Savage Things Men & Women Overheard Their Best Friends Saying
Have you ever wondered if your friends talk about you behind your back? Even if you don't think they do, the answer is probably yes. Hopefully, the things that were said were a lot nicer than what was overheard below.


I heard my friend say she doesn't get how guys like me so much since I'm so ugly...

That's messed up.

The most embarrassing day of my life is when I overheard a guy I thought was my friend making fun of my weight

Leave her alone!

I overheard my friend making fun of my off brand shoes. 

So what if I'm poor and can't afford the nicest shoes, leave me alone.

Time to play "Hard to get."

I turned down a date with a really hot guy
Because I overheard him tell his friends that I looked "easy"

Cause baby now we got bad blood.

i overheard my "friends" saying they were gonna meet up outside after school to take a ""squad pic"" and they didn't bother asking me...

You're always left wondering...

I once overheard someone ask a friend of mine if I was autistic. My friend told them "no he just sucks at talking to unknown people" that was over a year ago and it still pops in my head.