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23 Times Dad Messed Up And Kept It From Mom
There's a lot of pressure to be a great parent. So many people (other parents or not) will judge you for everything you do with your kids. And maybe it's best people don't know the times when you mess up. It's OK to mess up when you're a parent-- no one is perfect. These dads knew they made mistakes, and they were hoping their kids wouldn't reveal them to Mom. Because when Mom finds out, it's all over.

OMG. Maybe you should say something...

When my son was 1 year old I dropped him and he landed on his head. He is now 4 and he is the most intelligent 4 year old I have seen. But the guilt is killing me. I never told my wife. I feel so bad


My dad left my brother and I at Home Depot for 30 minutes before he realized we weren't with him
When I was 5 my dad once left me at the playground at the park for 2 hours by myself, no kids around, in the night. He went to watch my brothers baseball game. I never noticed he left

Yikes. Thanks, Dad.

My Dad accidentally, once rolled the car window up on my head. Another time the car door was slammed on my head. I think I turned out fine.
Makes you feel better my dad lost me in an ihop and some people called the police and when they found my dad they asked him a bunch of questions cause they thought he was an unfit parent

Guess it could be worse.

My dad accidently stabbed me with a pencil, still have the lead stuck in my knee its a little black dot now haha

Doesn't sound safe. At all.

My dad would let me sit on his lap and drive the car when my mom wasn't watching. I was probably 4 lol😂 couldn't reach the pedals, he would control it, the wheel was mine😂

Oh no...

I just slapped my kid on accident. She was sitting beside me and decided to grab my eye. My reflex was to push her away and I slapped her. I felt bad but it was kinda funny.

Speeding isn't the answer!

My dad once took me on a trip in his ferrari. It should have taken 2 hrs to get there but it took us 45 mins.
My dad and his friends use to use me as a "human football" as a kid until one day he didn't catch me and I face planted into the ground...I was still laughing😂
My dad spun me around in the stroller and I was 8 months old. I went flying out and hit the pavement. He never told my mom for over 20 years.
My dad's way of teaching me how to swim was to throw me in a river when I was like 7
My dad told my brother he was adopted. 😂
I left my 2 year old asleep in a hotel room for 10 min to walk 50 yards to a gas station. He was gone when I came back. Desk clerk found him. Thank God.
My dad was fishing with my siblings and the hook went into my sisters leg. Went to hospital. Had to go again later in the day because I was being born.
My dad dropped my sister in the deep end of the swimming pool.
When I was 7, my dad locked me in the car. I didn't know how to get out, so I sat there and cried for over twenty minutes until he finally came out and saw me 😂
My dad would chase me around the house, one time I ran into the corner of the wall- he said he'd seen watermelons split under less
When I was little I used to cry really loudly unless one of my parents was with me at night.
So one night my dad took me to the basement and put me in a crib so they could sleep 😂
My dad kicked me off the foot of the bed thinking I was the dog…


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