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15 Younger Lesbians Who Love Dating Older Women
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You can't relate to people your age.

I'm a 23yr old lesbian woman and it's crazy because I will not date any other woman my age. I like older women but I'm single and can't find anybody.

Been there, done that.

I have only dated older women. Want to date a younger woman now.


To each their own.

I’m a lesbian, and I only date older women. 
I am 24.. is that wrong of me?

Teach me your ways.

I just want an older lesbian to date me and teach me. I have a thing for older women.

Can't win either way.

I hate being 25 and a lesbian. Everyone who is single that’s my age is a psycho. I either have to date teenagers (who are mentally immature) or older women who want kids and marriage. It sucks

On the hunt.

Just realized that now that I'm 18 I can legally date an older woman. Now I must find one. I'm a lesbian.