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Girls Tell All: Yes, I Made Up A Fake Boyfriend. Here's Why I Really Did It
Have you ever had a friend who claimed they had a boyfriend that you never met? If you did, then you're not alone. Plenty of women have been making up fake boyfriends for a variety of reasons, chief among them, inclusion. Do coupled friends really not like single friends? Yikes. Remember those imaginary friends we once had? Well some girls took them out of the imaginary friend zone and took things to the next level. If you're wondering what would compel a girl to do this, read on.

You can always count on your friends to be supportive.

I made up fake boyfriend up for about a year to get my friends to stop making fun of me. They still don't know he's fake, and they want me to get back together with him.

Everyone wants to fit in.

I made up a fake boyfriend and claimed he lived in Indiana, just so I could fit in.


I made up a fake boyfriend so my colleagues stop trying to set me up with the patients at our dental practice.


I made up a fake boyfriend and now my friends want to meet him and I'm just now realizing how screwed I am. I may have to break up with him.

This is even better than an imaginary friend.

I made a fake boyfriend in my mind because I feel lonely. I talk to him sometimes.

She would never cheat on her fake boyfriend.

My uber driver was hitting on me had to make a fake boyfriend so he'd stop asking for my number but he tried to convince me to leave him