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Dumpster Divers Reveal The Gems They Found In The Trash
Dumpster diving is an illegal practice where people sift through dumpsters in hopes of finding hidden gems. Although it's frowned upon, it doesn't stop people from finding treasures in the trash. These dumpster divers reveal the best come up they've found while diving. These confessions may make you think twice about dumpster diving and maybe even try it yourself.

So lucrative.

Electronics dumpsters are the best! I once found a bunch of computers, gaming consoles, and cell phones that I repaired and resold.

Wonder why someone threw that out?

I once found a new, unused mattresses still in the wrapping in the dumpster near my house. Damn right it's in my house now!

What a come up!

I tried dumpster diving for the first time and I found a case of brand new, unopened headphones. I will definitely be doing this again!

Move over, Best Buy!

I came across a working 50 inch flat screen TV in my boyfriend's dumpster. True story!


I came across 6 dining chairs in the dumpster. After a good cleaning they were totally usable!

You snooze, you lose.

I just found a working PS3 and controller in the dumpster! I think someone was coming back for it though. Stole it and hid it. Mine now sucker ;)