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17 Honest Reasons Why These Women Never Shave
As a woman, society pushes standards of beauty that you're expected to live up to. Shaving is one of those beauty standards and, while many women comply, there are also some out there who simply refuse to do it. These 17 people fall under the category of women who don't shave. What's their issue with the practice? Find out in these honest confessions.

Not interested.

I never shave my arm pits.
Screw what society has to say.

Who would have known?

I never shave. I did before, because I thought it's something I should do and I would be disgusting if I would have body hair. After I stopped shaving, I've actually felt a lot more confident.

Not interested in anyone else's opinion.

I don't shave anything and if a guy has a problem with it then he obviously can't handle a chick like me

If only people really knew...

I'm a female, and I never shave. I mostly use the excuse that I have a skin condition. Though it is true, I'm just lazy in general.

No big deal.

I never shave my legs. I still wear dresses all of the time.
I'm a girl and I don't shave because it's annoying, not because I'm a feminist.