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19 Employees Who Travel For Work Reveal Why The Nomadic Lifestyle Is Tough
Having the opportunity to travel and get paid for doing it may sound like a sweet deal, but looks can be deceiving. While getting the opportunity to see the world and jet off from place to place seems like a dream, these employees reveal that that's not always the case. Follow along as these people open up about what it's like living the nomadic life for work. From relationship issues to dealing with loneliness, here's what they had to say.


I travel a lot for work. I use dating apps to check out the local ladies. I judge the cities by how beautiful or hideous the ladies are.... some areas are HORRIBLE!!!

Anything to make your partner happy.

I travel a lot for work. So I let my wife have a boyfriend on the side so she isn't lonely when I'm gone.

You never know...

I travel a lot for work, so when I am walking through the airports I always wonder if any girls look at me and say to themselves. 

"I would hook up with that guy right now, he is so hot!"

There's no work/life balance.

When you travel a lot for work it makes a social life difficult to have at best.


I'm out of college and travel a lot for work. I find it hard to make friends but I really hit it off with this girl I met and we have plans to hang out!!

What a surprise.

I travel a lot for work. Just got back to my office after being away for a while and found they replaced my desk with a standing desk 😂