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16 Women Talk About The Struggles Of Working In Male-Dominated Fields
Work in and of itself is never an easy plight no matter what field you choose to pursue. High expectations from management, job security, and advancement run through the minds of the billions of people in the workforce every single day. Females who work in male dominated industries deal with an added layer of struggles along with the usual list. The following women opened up to us about the mountains they have had to climb when pursuing their passions that happened to land them in male dominated workplaces.

I get so frustrated because I am constantly asked if I'm a secretary just because I work in a male dominated career and have a pretty face.
Working in a male dominated field is tough. I'm a software developer. Because I have more experience than a lot of the people I work with, they come to me for code review. Skills know no gender.
Being a single female in a 98% male dominated field is probably the hardest thing I will ever endure. I will never be taken seriously by my coworkers no matter how good I am
I work at an architectural firm. I'm one of two female architects. My advice to my fellow ladies: let your work shine, and stay positive. You got this no matter what the gender ratio is at your office
Try being a woman in a male dominated field in the south and tell me women get treated equally. The need for women to take a stance is real.
At my office I am the only female and the men around me have cliques and favor each other. I don't care though, my drive to establish my career is higher than fitting in with "the guys"